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To successfully control energy, an end-user simply cannot focus only on commodity delivery. These days more than ever, an end-user must focus on the factors that affect the price paid for commodities. At Vayu we believe that ensuring an understanding of these factors and partnering with a supplier that will deliver the necessary education and procurement solutions is the best way to maximize long-term energy success.

At Vayu we have developed a unique suite of services designed to empower you with the knowledge needed to truly take control of your energy costs.


Vayu offers a wide portfolio of services including: daily and weekly updates, expert analyst advice, training and information to help you understand and manage your energy requirements more effectively.

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Gas Supply

With so many factors, both local and global now affecting the price you pay for gas, ensuring you have a flexible, transparent and long-term strategy in place and the right supplier to deliver this, is crucial for any business.

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