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Make the right decision with Vayu’s range of information services.

The energy market is volatile and complex and making the right decisions for your business can be difficult.  We believe in providing our clients with all the relevant information they need to assist thier energy buying decisions.

Weekly Market Overview

This compact repory delivers a review of all aspects of the gas energy market in Ireland, with additional commentary on electricity, currency and oil markets.  The report is delivered every Wednesday, directly to you by email.

Daily Market Commentary

The day’s headline gas market information delivered to you by email in an easy to read tabular format.  The market commentary provides a rolling five day comparison of market movements.  Key topics include UK and Ireland supply and demand factors, oil price movements, temperature forecasts, market sentiment from analysts, and the latest prices for the main gas contracts.

Gas Price Text Alerts

The gas price text alert keeps you up to date with the latest price movements of different gas contracts and current market sentiment.  Opening prices are sent in the morning and a summary is sent in the evening following the close of the market.

Customised Reporting

Our range of reports can be tailored to your exact requirements.  Our analysts will work with you to develop reports that add real insight and value to your gas market performance.

Direct Analyst Support

Benefit from direct access to our analysts for regular informative updates on current market sentiment impacting the gas market. This can take the form of a weekly telephone call or monthly face to face meetings with our analysts.

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